Denisse. 16. USA.

Chris Evans talking about Captain America’s 1940’s setting.

Scarlett Johansson | Allure Magazine, 2006


what she says: i’m fine

what she means: I’m staring into a lightless abyss. Steve Roger’s unconditional loyalty to Bucky Barnes has made me a shell of a human being; the fact that Bucky saved Steve’s life without even really knowing who he was has crushed my soul. If you’re not here to talk to me about the winter soldier, don’t talk to me at all. I’m with you til the end of the line, pal.


On this Earth Day, two friendly reminders.

"Once you’re in touch with the life force around us, it’s natural to want to help keep it around." - Adi Carter

Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #48

Thanos: “See, this is why you can’t have nice things.”

Series Two PromosThe Doctor and Rose

What’s in the box?

Fitz: Simmons

Simmons: The TARDIS 

"Please don’t make me do this."

“It’s not the sun. It’s you. The sky is filled with a million, million voices, saying, “Yes, of course. We’ll help.” You’ve touched so many lives, saved so many people. Did you think when your time came… you’d really have to do more than just ask?

Sebastian during photoshoots.

Make me choose 

kinusking asked: Irene Adler or River Song?


Billie Piper at Awesomecon 2014


Captain Adorable (◕‿◕✿)

#the context of all of these is so hilarious to me #1. his dumbass awkward ‘do you fondue?’ #2. his dumbass awkward ‘Haha right. Married. We’re getting married’ #3. I WANT YOUR APPROVAL — shot down #4. pride at his own ability to pretend shoot a toy gun #5. his dumbass flirting #6. I WANT YOUR APPROVAL — shot down (parte deux) (via kehinki)



do you ever think about who you’d be shipped with if your life was a tv show 

i do now